A Date with Mr Wilde by Kink: Bound Gods

Tube Video cover: A Date with Mr Wilde Christian Wilde takes fuck stud, Dale Cooper, back to his place for a passionate night of hard sex, and intense torment. Christian presses Dale against a wall and beats him mercilessly. Christian's hands pummel Dale's boy, intimately beating every part of Dale's chest and ass. Dale crumples to the ground, and comes face to face with Christian's huge cock. Dale is then suspended in the air while Christian brutally flogs every part of him, before moving in close and filling his ass with hard cock. Dale can't get enough of Christian's cock, and readily receives more anal while hogtied on a bed. The hard fucking sends Dale over the edge as he blows his load all over himself. Christian relaxes next to his cum covered fuck slave, and strokes his cock until he adds another layer cum onto Dale's tight body.
Studio: Kink: Bound Gods

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