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Tube Video cover: Bound To Please In a basement, succulent, pretty, youthful, tousle-haired brunet Johnny Rahm, finds himself chained by his wrists from the ceiling, fully dressed. Masked master Mike Suduth jeers at Johnny's pleas for release and squeeze's Johnny's blue-jeaned balls painfully. Suduth strips to a harness that shows his shaved crotch and cock. Johnny is defiant until his balls are squeezed again. "Your struggling make me hotter," Suduth says, growing hugely hard. He undresses Johnny, who's also erect., rubs their dicks together. He discovers Johnny's untanned butt , slaps it with a black-gloved hand. Johnny is chained spread-eagled, a stretched rope like a cockring around his cock-base and balls. He says he'll do anything if he's freed. The rope is removed. He's suspended by wrists and ankles, a human sling, his little vertical pussy-slit showing, then by his ankles alone. He's -collared. Suduth fondles and slaps him. Hung by his wrists but sitting, a rod between his ankles, Johnny's finally allowed to suck tit and wear a ball-separating cockring, and orderedmade to flex his semi-erection. He's turned to show hole.. He's bent double, his wrists and ankles in a metal brace.. He's gagged with a towel. He's bund on his back, his hands just free enough to jack. Suduth promises that if Johnny jacks a good one, he'll be set free. Suduth jacks, too. Johnny cums quickly. Suduth lets go of a load. Next day, larger master Scot Arden is furious that Johnny, who was supposed to be his date, was instead tortured by Suduth. And wait till you see what Arden does to the little usurper in the movie's thirty-seven remaining minutes!
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