Brutal Tops - Human Tackle Bag Fuckers by Brutal Tops

Tube Video cover: Brutal Tops - Human Tackle Bag Fuckers Athletic rugby players Guy and Derek are in the training room working on their tackles, but instead of using the padded tackle bag to slam their powerful bodies into, they've installed sub and wannabe team mate wilkinson to make the session more realistic.Tied to the bag by coarse ropes, the sub is going to be their little bitch, doing everything they order him to do. Guy is up first, taking a run at the bag he shoulders it with his whole weight behind him, winding the sub who doesn't utter a sound as he has been instructed. Guy repeats the move over and over to perfect it.Swapping places Master Derek lays into the human tackle bag next with all his might. Maybe this sub is stupid or just plain forgot, but talking back to his Masters earns him a vicious kneeing from Guy to remind him to keep his fucking mouth shut.Landing a body blow into the tackle bag is one thing but these rugby Masters need to train for the scrum as well, driving the opposing team backwards so they can win the ball. Slamming into wilkinson over and over again, Guy and Derek now drive their human tackle bag backwards with all their might, crushing the sub between the players. What a lucky cunt wilkinson is to have Guy pushing his firm hairy torso hard against him, not that the undeserving prick appreciates it. All their physical exertion has worked up quite a sweat between them so they decide on another use for their sub - or it's mouth to be more precise. Allowing wilkinson access to their ripe sweaty armpits the Tops order him to give them a bath, slurping away every last bead of nectar with his wet tongue. Dropping the sub to the floor the Masters find some more uses for their human tackle bag. Derek sits on it's face, ordering wilkinson to take deep lungfuls of breath through his shorts and shitty arse crack.
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