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Tube Video cover: Gag The Fag 5 Gag the Fag 5 features more guys who get face-fucked until they cough, choke and even puke. Justin spent a year in prison, so I knew he'd be a good cocksucker. He couldn't drive here from San Diego because his license had been suspended, but since I'm such a nice guy (wink, wink), I bought him a bus ticket to Palm Springs so he could live out his dream of getting face-fucked on video for Gag the Fag. One of my favorite moments is when we had Justin look directly into the camera and say "I'm a cocksucking faggot" while Jorge's fat cock was lodged down his throat. He sounded hilarious - sort of like a gay Donald Duck. Another great moment was when he had an uncontrollable sneezing fit - I kept that in the video, too. By the end of it, Justin had a look on his face that said, "Please don't make me suck cock anymore!", but it didn't take long for him to recover. When I dropped him off at the bus station, he offered to suck my dick in my car. I guess that's his way of saying "thank you." Classy, huh? (And yeah, I took advantage of his offer.) The day after I shot Johny Boy's audition, he emailed me to say that he was no longer interested in being a "porn star." He said he was getting married to a woman next month, and that he just wanted to satisfy his curiosity about sucking a dick before he settled down with a woman. Sorry, Johny Boy, but you signed a model release, dude! Hope your wife doesn't mind that her husband has been captured on video with a fat dick in his mouth!

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