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Tube Video cover: GayWarGames - Prison means lust Been sentenced to prison is not fun at all. This young pal committed a crime and he has to serve his time. In Tchukistan the prison is tougher than in south america. Beating, bullying is just beginning. He and his dick are prisoners of lust. As the time passes the prison time is getting more and more unpleasant. Sucking cock is not a punishment here, it is just a foreplay. The guard is so nice that he even return the favor. Lets see how long this pleasure time is gonna last. And pleasure for the young convict is over. He is dragged inside. Tied up and defenseless he can not do anything to stop this. Sucking, licking and finally fucking. This punishment is severe. His ass is in pain like never before. Screaming for his life, just to survive every single penetration. I think he will learn his lesson and will never commit a crime ever again.

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