I love having a dog...

Tube Video cover: I love having a dog... I love having a dog... a loyal canine companion to lick my hands and fetch the paper. But instead of getting my dogs from the pet shop, I like to turn handsome straight boys into obedient human puppies instead. The first thing a puppy needs is a tail. So I spread his tight cheeks and jam a fucking huge buttplug into his virgin hole - making him scream like a little bitch. But every little movement of his arse sets his new tail wagging - time for a nice walkie to really show it off... But doggie Daryl doesn't want to go for a walk. I have to beat him with a rolled up newspaper, making him whimper and swear. Dogs shouldn't talk, so I order him to bark instead as I hit him and drag him around the room. Next I grab some Bonio dog biscuits and start shoving them into Daryl's mouth. Unable to stomach the disgusting taste, he spits them all over the floor... so I use a little more . Whacking him with my belt, I demand he eats each and every bone I throw onto the floor - even ordering him to eat one straight off the filthy toilet seat. After a game of 'fetch the squeaky toy', I decide Daryl hasn't been behaving well enough, and needs to be taught a lesson in subservience. Standing over him, raining down blow after blow with my belt, I order him to roll over, leaving his tender cock and balls exposed and vulnerable to my sadistic whims. Crushing his nuts with my foot, I tell him to stop fucking screaming and start panting and whimpering like a proper dog. Judging by the noises he is now making, I think the lesson's finally starting to sink in...

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