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Tube Video cover: Josh Hunter part 8 Rope man J.J. continues to zap Josh Hunters nipples, pecs and underarms as the boy struggles against his hemp bonds, roped to a wall like an insect caught in a web. Then J.J. zaps the Josh’s ball sack, inner thighs and cock - and the teen’s breathing and moans become panicked. A little later, J.J. ropes a dumbbell to the kid’s ball sack and lets it roll away from his body, stretching his scrotum painfully. It’s like a rolling pendulum of pain. Then J.J. frees Josh’s right hand - his favorite for jerking off - and orders the kid to pump out a nice load of teenaged cum. Our well-built twink looks great jerking his meat and flexing his abs - and shoots his jizz across the room. Oh to be 18 again.
Studio: RopedStuds

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