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Tube Video cover: Lee 10th Video Ropes and gags work well in commanding total submission, but there's nothing quite like feeling a stark naked enraged straight man trying to muscle away as you lock him in place against your body. Lee's arse rubs against Adrian's crotch as he struggles and Dave suspends his dick and balls to the ceiling. Now that he's fixed in place we lay into his vulnerable muscular body driving our fists into his gut and flogging his body and meaty package. Lee whimpers pathetically and collapses onto the filthy mattress. To make his beating stop he bends over and offers up his arsehole to our insatiable rage. We fuck his mouth and arse at the same time making him gag. Every muscle in his body strains in resistance but he daren't move because he knows the punishment he'll receive if he doesn't obey. Once he's been bathed in our cum he hopes he'll be left alone, but his lot in life is to remain on this mattress with his arse up ready to take any cock that wants to fuck him.
Studio: BreederFuckers

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