Renaldo and Keegan by SpankThis (Helix Studios)

Tube Video cover: Renaldo and Keegan Keegan is a small town boy from Texas with a normally rough exterior. Renaldo wants to see what this happens when he's at the end of a paddle. As we've learned before Renaldo is not a gentle disciplinarian. A few hard swats with his hand alone does a good amount of damage to the twink's rear, but he doesn't stop there. He takes a hard wooden paddle to the cherry red boy butt causing Keegan to cringe in pain. The farm boy doesn't look so tough on his back with his legs together and up in the air getting spanked. With his ass enflamed and throbbing, Keegan slams the door on his way out of the office, relieved, but angry to be humiliated.
Studio: SpankThis (Helix Studios)

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Renaldo and Keegan Tube:

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