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Tube Video cover: Seb Evans And David Lambert Lean, lithe and vulnerable Seb Evans is literally tied over a barrel. Hanging heavily and convex over the cold hollow steel, pressed firmly against his pale and delicate skin. In nothing but a jock, boots and armbands his arms are strung up behind him, bound and suspended from the ceiling, rope over chain. His torso, legs and boots are intricately entwined and fixed to the barrel. He is going nowhere. In walks David Lambert in Rubber shorts and sits confidently across from him. Stroking the squeaking rubber and hardening his cock while Seb watches. Stripping down his shorts and letting his solid dick spring up he aims for Sebs mouth, starting slowly and fully retracting and plunging deep in his throat, he builds up the page and grabs Sebs ginger hair to take the strain, Seb drools and splutters at the fulness of his stretching throat but he doesnt not resist, hes loving this. Moving round to the other side David plunges some fingers into his exposed hole readying him for whats about to come. Rubbered and squared up David slips into Seb, fucking him over the barrel. There is nothing Seb can do to stop him, nor does he want to. Taking a good solid pounding David rewards him by freeing him up, getting him on his feet but not before having a bit more fun with the shackled boy. Ropes aside Seb bends over to take David and get the chance to push back onto him. Then hes flipped over and spread, fucked and ready for some ropes of cum.
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