The Lumberjack #02 by GayWarGames

Tube Video cover: The Lumberjack #02 Borislav is in a chokehold. He had to suck the soldiers several times now. They have been beating him and stretched his balls - just for fun. Now they go for his ass. Borislav is no virgin anymore. He has been used by the soldiers many times. Over night they often visited him in his cell and he had to please them again and again. The barn is dirty and full of dust. Ivan fucks the shit out of his prisoner. Borislav moans and chocks from Becko?s dick. Then suddenly Becko cuffs the guy. What are they planning to do with him? The soldiers kick his ass and lead him to the nearby forest. There he is ordered to kneel down again. It?s time for another good face-fuck. Borislav tries to please his tormentors as good as he can. He only want?s this to finish soon. But his martyrdom isn?t over yet. They lead him deeper into the forest. Towards the old barracks. When Borislav noticed a strange scaffold with a cable winch and a few old tires underneath he really started to get scared. The soldiers tie him to the winch. They spank him and play with his anus. Then Ivan continues to fuck his imprisoned slave in this humiliating position.
Studio: GayWarGames

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