Wall Street Abdction - Part 1 by StraightMenInTrouble

Tube Video cover: Wall Street Abdction - Part 1 The handsome young broker found himself bound and gagged in the basement of his Wall Street office building, alone and afraid. He panicked when an older, masked man entered the room and struggled to free himself from his bonds. The masked man had his eye on the broker for a while, finding him sexy, and determined to get his hands on his body to satisfy his perverted desires. He fondled the young man's package thru his suit and kissed and licked his face while the disgusted young man struggled to avoid him. Then freed his big dick from his pants and started to stroke it. The broker tried to resist, but his youthful sexual energy worked against him, and soon his cock was hard. In spit of his resistance, the young man reluctantly shot his load on his tormentors hand.
Studio: StraightMenInTrouble

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