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Tube Video cover: Wyatt part 6 Young shorty Wyatt remains bound to a concrete pillar by layers of clear plastic wrap, with only his cock and nipples exposed. Rope man J.J. works the boy’s cock, keeping him hard and moaning, and occasionally attacks his nipples with a pinwheel to remind him of the pain that surely will follow the pleasure of cumming. J.J. then frees the kid’s right hand and orders him to finish the job. Wyatt quickly complies, pumping out another huge load of cum while bound and helpless. A little later, J.J. has his boy on display in his den, stripped to his sexy, assless briefs, in front of a roaring fire. Wyatt rubs his boyish muscles seductively, then does some pull-ups, working up a sweat, waiting for his man to have his way with him.
Studio: RopedStuds

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