Wyatt Playtime part 11 by Dreamboy Bondage

Tube Video cover: Wyatt  Playtime part 11 After his long and arduous whipping and electro-torture, slave boy Wyatt is given several days rest, naked and alone, locked in his cage most of the time, but taken out periodically to workout and, of course, service his master. Today, he is tortured. He is chained on his knees on the torture table, bent forward, neck chained low, arms chained overhead. Master Jared slaps his slave’s abs, fingers his asshole and tongues his mouth. Then the real action begins: a brutal ass flogging with a three-inch wide, steel-studded leather-strap. Jared then fucks the boy’s puckering asshole with a massive dildo and jerks his erect cock. “Please, let me cum, sir,” Wyatt begs, then spews a load of cum all over the dildo that just fucked him. Jared fucks him with the cum-encrusted dildo then makes him suck it clean with his slave-mouth.
Studio: Dreamboy Bondage

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