Wyatt Playtime part 12 by Dreamboy Bondage

Tube Video cover: Wyatt  Playtime part 12 Wyatt remains chained in a stress position, on his knees on a low table, bent forward, arms chained overhead. Jared hops on the table, naked, with a raging hard-on, and shoves his dick in Wyatt’s mouth. The boy instinctively sucks on his master’s cock like his life depends on it. “Am I pleasing you, sir?” the boy asks repeatedly, when he’s not choking on dick. But Jared remains silent, unmoved, wanting, fucking his slave’s face even harder, refusing to acknowledge the boy’s efforts. Jared finally pulls his dick out of Wyatt’s mouth and works it himself while kissing his boy. Jared cums all over his boots, then makes Wyatt lick them - and his still-erect cock - clean. “Yes, boy, you pleased me,” he whispers. Next week: Jared suffers.
Studio: Dreamboy Bondage

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