All Worlds Video - Bringing Out (2002)

Tube Video cover: All Worlds Video - Bringing Out  (2002) The film opens with Rod Barry doing a convincing "Daddy in Training" shtick with black-haired, ectomorphic wonder-twink Kincaid. As Barry playfully yet barks out orders, Kincaid slavishly attends to Barry’s uncut pud and fuzzy backdoor. Kincaid ends up impaled on Barry’s rod. Barry is all about pounding this lad’s heiney, and he does it with great panache. A double jerk-off caps off the scene, with Kincaid spewing a particularly impressive dollop of glop. Next, the other Barry "," Devon, gets it on with the hunky young pool boy, played by Paris, a handsome lad who sports the ubiquitous frosted hair tips which you may have heard me rant about in another review. Anyway, Barry slurps away at Paris’ impressive tallywhacker, before spit-shining his yawning gulch. Paris ends up on his back, with Barry’s tool sliding in and out of his bum. Barry shows little in the way of emotion, but Paris is gung-ho about getting it in the shitter. The boys end up bringing themselves to climax, with Paris shooting a particularly noteworthy load. The next scene blows the others away, mostly because of the presence of the intoxicatingly appealing Ford, who is worth the price of the movie alone. He’s the centerpiece of a threesome, also starring black-haired studmonkey Tanner, and Brad Pitt-eqsue hottie LeMonde. Tanner hungrily services the girthy cocks before him, before hopping the bus to Assville and devouring the men’s butts. Ford then offers up his butch butt to LeMonde, who slams the devil out of him. Meanwhile, Tanner entertains himself by bouncing joyfully up and down on a huge dildo. Ford then dons his "top hat" and pokes his pickle into Tanner’s rump. Ford is sex on a stick, and watching him is a true delight for even the most jaded viewer. Anyway, LeMonde comes up from behind and starts slamming Ford, who is still giving it to Tanner. "Stud sandwich, dressing on the side, please!" The self-pleasuring that follows is also above par, with Ford whipping himself into a frenzy as the other two men assist. The "pseudo -o-meter" goes into the red in the final scene, where the Barry "" finally get down to business. The scene actually has a rather romantic air about it, at least until the boys start jabbing each other’s hindquarters. The boys take turns playing top and bottom, finally erupting in streams of schlong-shellac.

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