Amazing Indecent Encounters

Tube Video cover: Amazing Indecent Encounters Tony Buff and Chris Yosef find themselves in the wet room yet again with Preston Steel. This time the intent is to open up Steel's tight hole. Steel sucks Yosef's cock as Buff works open the boy’s ass with his tongue. Buff breaks to piss on the two of them before going back to some ass eating. The smell of urine and sweat fills his nostrils and he is pleased. Buff begins fingering groaning Steel with some lube before moving Yosef into place to fuck the boy and open him up for Buff's big cock. Yosef can't resist pissing in the boys ass before Buff gets Chris to start fucking Preston. Steel moans in pleasure and pain, but the real pain begins when Buff shoves his monster cock in the boy's ass. The look on his face is sheer torture. Yosef gets so excited by the boy's agony he shoots his load over Steel's face before leaving the wet room for Buff to finish him off. After some more fucking and ass play Buff and Steel shoot their loads. Buff finishes with pissing on the boy again for a final wet down.
Release: 2011

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