Amazing Straight Dicks

Tube Video cover: Amazing Straight Dicks What happens when you put a bunch of straight guys together with no other way to get off than each other? Five scorching duo scenes with 10 hot models; there's no way to make it all the way through this film at one time! It's all about the sex, shot in 16:9 in Europe. The stars are hot and the sex is raw. Straight to Bareback 8 features some incredibly hot studs. The men vary from twink to total muscle stud. What they all have in common is that they are straight and end up doing another dude. It's hot watching these guys start out trying to be all jock-like, only to fall to their own desire to satisfy their cocks. A hole is a hole is a hole, as they say. The sex is real and nasty.
Release: 2008

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