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Tube Video cover: Barebacking & Group Fuck In Barebacking with Gabriel, star Gabriel D'Alessandro is joined by a team of super-aggressive tops, including R.J. Cummings and filthy bottom Gio Ryder. R.J. begins the fuck frenzy as he rips off Gio's shirt, pulls out his own dick, and quickly pushes Gio's mouth all the way down to the base of his huge cock. While Gio is gagging away, Gabriel thrusts both his fingers and his tongue deep inside the submissive's ass, preparing it for the inevitable double team. While Gabriel takes over Gio's stretched, ready and willing asshole, the cock-hungry bottom moans away, pleading for his hole to be filled with tasty man spooge. After taking both loads, he jerks his rod until exploding all over his chest.
Release: 2012

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