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Tube Video cover: Big Rock Cove Dvd Big Rock Cove is the perfect destination for a secluded jock get-together. A horned-up group of buddies find their way there for a fun-filled weekend of man-on-man action. Inspired by the stunning scenery outside, these studs make major waves when they get indoors - pounding and splashing with major . This re-launch of the Jocks brand directed by Andrew Rosen takes the video line to a new level with the hottest studs delivering scene after scene of intense action. Donny Wright and Christopher Daniels hit Big Rock Cove for a sex-packed getaway. The two studs hunker down as soon as they cross the threshold, wrapping their arms tightly around each other to mack down. In one swift move Christopher is on his knees swallowing Donnys picturesque uncut cock down to its base. He sucks the length and girth of the fleshy pole, inhaling the musky scent of his buddys crotch. Donny then clambers atop Christopher in perfect position to 69. But while hes blowing his lover, the hungry blond is busy rimming the tasty asshole staring him right in the face. Donny begins finger fucking Christophers asshole, sliding one digit, two and then three inside. Having prepped the puckered cleft enough, he jams his swollen cock deep inside, fucking his partner like a madman while Christopher groans with pleasure. Donny pulls out and blasts his load; Christophers quick response is a matching splash of his own milky cum. Tommy Defendi and AJ Irons find themselves alone, lounging around while eyeing each other with a mischievous twinkle. AJ cant wait to manhandle the big bulge inside Tommys pants so he quickly pulls it out to suck it down. He stretches his lips wide to engulf the precious love muscle, working his tongue up and down the shaft with occasional swabs around the balls. Tommys just as eager to get his licks in and he goes down on AJ with equal ferocity, probing a finger up his ass for good measure. He then slams his dick deep inside AJs hole and both men grunt in approval. AJ gets on the floor, flat on his back with legs splayed apart and ass crack ready for a more energized assault. Tommy does not disappoint as he plunges his cock in and out, causing such an intense thrill that AJ starts curling his toes. They fuck some more until Tommy finally pulls out and, one after the other, the two friends crank out hefty loads. Fuck the board games, Donny Wright and Jake Steel want something more challenging to play with, something more exciting, more satisfying... like each other. They suck face before Jake sucks cock, opening wide to work his tongue and lips up and down Donnys throbbing dick. Jakes got a mouthful of a big treat and he savors it, until Donny wants his share, turning the tables and giving just as good as he got. Soon, Jake yields his ass and his horny pal is quick to bury his face between those luscious ass cheeks. Donny teases the hole with his tongue, juicing it up before introducing his big fat dick. He fucks Jake fast and furious, both guys surrendering completely to the pleasure of their manplay. They continue fucking with Donny working like a dynamo as he punishes Jakes butthole with a non-stop series of thrusts. Then ready to unload, Donny grabs both their cocks, cranking both rods hard and fast to finally shoot a double dose of cum. Parker Perry and Alex Andrews sit back on the couch to watch a movie. Their hands work their way into each others jeans until their cocks are out and exposed, looming thick and large. Manic kissing leads to Alex finally diving down into Parkers crotch to suck dick. His mouth can barely stretch open enough to swallow the cocks enormous girth, but hes got game and succeeds like a pro. He tongues Parkers fleshy foreskin with gusto. Alex has left his ass exposed while his mouth is working Parkers pole, and Parker cant resist massaging the hot hole with his fingers and mouth. Primed and ready, Alex is ready for Parkers meat, which is quickly engulfed by Alexs butt. Alexs face flushes red with excitement and he can barely hold on as his ass is pummeled hard and fast. Parker wants to get some too, so he flips around and offers his ass. Alex fucks Parker just as fiercely, delivering swift deliberate blows. The two chums disengage then take turns wanking off until they climax and shoot their wads.
Studio: Falcon

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