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Tube Video cover: Bodyguards See what happens in the private lives of body guards. Studs like Kane O'Farrell and Julian Vincenzo work the security beat in Bodyguards. A film full of muscular young gods with dream bodies. Fernando Nielsen has always had an awesome physique, but here he looks beefier that ever, and he's ably directed by Roland Dane in a tale of a bodyguard who falls in love with his employer. And as a plus, no one sings I will always love youuuuuu ... However, Fernando's employer is gorgeous (the stunning Flavio Valentino) and has his pick of hotties. But then, so does Fernando, as is witnessed in the opening scene where the big stud is taken by macho Julian Vincenzo and fellow bodyguard Win Diesel. Win and Fernando are in full-on cocksucking mode when Julian arrives, and after Julian joins the fun, Fernando rolls over on his side to give Julian access to his muscle butt, and Julian pounds it hard. Fernando's inviting pink hole is spit into and fucked again, this time by Win. Julian sprays his load on Fernando's broad back, and Win's pecs bounce as he follows suit, but when Fernando's massive tits do the same thing, it looks like there's some kind of earthquake happening on the estate. Fernando checks in with his employer before heading off to pump those tits even bigger, and then Flavio drifts off into a gym-inspired fantasy that stars his trainer Renato Belaggio and fellow gym rats Nicolaus and Ted Harrison. Flavio takes center stage among the hotties, who dive on him to give him kisses and feed him their dicks one by one. Then Flavio flips over and shows his ass, which gets eaten and fingered by blond Nicolaus as Renato sucks off Ted. The fuck frenzy that follows has the four studs changing positions frequently, so that everyone at one time or another gets a piece of Flavio's hot ass, and also includes a three-way sit-fuck with Flavio in the middle that is amazing both for its technical proficiency and athleticism (sounds like an Olympic event, right?). Flavio showers off the sweat and cum after it's all over, and meanwhile Fernando is back at the estate, getting familiar with the masseur on call, played by heavily tattooed Orlando Toro. Orlando eats Fernando's dick like a starving man and then Fernando does him one better by eating Orlando's ass and dick in turn. Fernando bends over to be fucked from behind, and then gets on his back so that Orlando can prong him from above. Although Orlando is a much smaller-framed man, he still packs a wallop when he plows Fernando, and the scene ends with a big, juicy pop-shot from the bigger stud. As we know, things don't always go as planned in business, and when Flavio is faced with seemingly bad news, he makes it all better with a pool party with a bevy of naked hunks. Again, the gorgeous Flavio is in the middle of everything, being kissed, face-fucked, sucked and licked by three dudes at once -- including the surprise of surprise guests, hot Irish hunk Kane O'Farrell, plus Enrico Bellagio and Alfredo. Kane smacks his uncut piece across Flavio's face and then fucks him with it later. The four dudes pair off for hot poolside fucks, and the incredible camerawork shows the action from many different angles, including some jaw-dropping close-ups. Enrico Bellagio is every bit as great a bottom as Flavio and when he's gangbanged near the end, he takes every dick around the pool in quick succession. Enrico's lightly-furred ass gets doused with cum at the end, and then he kneels in the middle to deliver the scene's blast of jism. Thanks to this sizzling orgy, Flavio develops a new philosophy about enjoying life and leaving the up-and-down business world behind ... and this time, the bodyguard is all part of the new plan.
Studio: Colts Olympus

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