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Tube Video cover: BodyProd - Stallion Airlines Director Herve Bodilis brings together 10 absolute pillars of masculinity that are the embodiment of testosterone and wicked, nasty sex. And the cast doesn't disappoint! Starring tattooed bad boy Logan McCree, these hard-bodied and well hung chiseled hunks go at each other with an intense vengeance! Scorching duos, threesomes, and just down right nasty ass man-on-man sucking, rimming, and rutting. You attention, please ! The captain and crew are delighted and exited to welcome you on board for Flight 69 headed for your Wildest Fantasies. Our stewards will begin by bending over backwards (and any other desired position) to please our first classe passengers. Our cabin crew is now standing at full, erect attention. Yout desire is our command. Ah, did you spill your juice on your trousers ? No worry, we'll manhandle it ! If you want a cocktail, no problem, our crew members are experts at whipping them up. And if your seat is a bit uhm... tight, we'll be happy to check just how tight it is ! For maximum enjoyment, humpy ride!

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