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Tube Video cover: Bootblack Blues With more than one winking reference to Charles Dickens Oliver Twist (the most obvious being the leading characters name), Boot Black Blues makes the improbable marriage of gay porn and Victorian fiction seem like the perfect match, thanks to a clever script and near-perfect direction by Kristofer Weston. The street urchin of this story, however, has grown up, and teeters the brink of twinkdom before full-grown hunk-hood. As the latter-day Oliver, blond cutie Danny Roddick couldnt look more perfect for the role, and his costume of baggy pants and suspenders completes the look. Danny makes his way to his shoeshine stand for another days hard labor, giving away his talents for a mere two bucks a shine. Its undoubtedly the best bargain in town -- Id pay that much just to look at him for the length of a shoe shine. When Josh Weston shows up, he offers Danny a little big tip if Danny will give him some extra special service, which of course involves spit-polishing more than just his boots. Josh is in full topman mode throughout, and he looks very regal as he perches on the shoeshine stand (always a hot fantasy -- having a man kneeling between your legs, which are planted wide apart in stirrups), not to mention more buff than ever. When Josh s Danny down on his cock, Danny doesnt even blink, and he gives Josh an adept deep-throat suck. Danny drops his suspenders and releases a big hardon while he sucks Josh, but it seems his dick gets even harder when he tongue-fucks Joshs ass and later, when he bends over to get fucked from behind. The camerawork here is superb, showing off Joshs dick as it drives deep into Dannys tight ass. Danny arches his back gracefully, making the most of his long-limbed, tight body, and later he hangs aloft in an agile bounce on Joshs long cock. This dynamite fuck sequence ends with both dudes spurting big loads that rain down on Danny, and Danny seems almost amazed by Joshs cum-shot, which is indeed a beauty. Josh flings a fiver at Danny at the end of the scene, which, granted, is two-and-a half times his rate, but I mean, cmon, that fuck was worth a LOT more than that. Its not even enough to buy lunch, as Danny soon finds out when he hits Simon Angels restaurant. But Danny is nothing if not resourceful, and although he doesnt sing for his supper, he uses other oral talents to get grub. Although Simons huge uncut cock is no challenge for Danny, he (thankfully) never once says Please, sir, can I have some more? Danny then licks out Simons juicy hole, which preps Simon for a long hard fuck atop a kitchen table. Danny pounds Simons ass hard, missionary and gy, and then stands and sprays a huge load on Simons chest. Simon quickly follows with his cream, and by the end his torso is dripping with cum. For his remarkably good efforts, Danny earns a huge sub sandwich, which he downs outside on the curb while Josh, hanging out at a nearby bar, brags to his buddies about the great fuck he just got for five bucks. Plus, his boots look fabulous. This grabs the attention of Parker Williams, who, upon hearing of Dannys amazing talents and bargain-basement prices, scrams out of the bar so fast that he leaves skid marks on the floor. The next sequence is a diversion from the main plot involving a tearoom tryst between Colby Taylor and Kyle Lewis. Kyle has a very good time downing Colbys huge cock, even after Colby handcuffs him to the rail next to the toilet, and brings the stud to a huge orgasm. But they arent alone -- beat cop Alex Chandler has been biding his time, waiting for a chance to grab some of the action. Colby gets out of there fast, leaving the handcuffed Kyle at Alexs mercy. Before Kyle can leave himself, he has to suck Alexs dick, bend over to be rimmed by him, and eventually get a royal fucking in the mens room stall. In other words, as punishments go, its not so bad. Meanwhile, Dannys back at work, with muscle hunk Lucas di Fubbiano in his chair. Danny gets thrown out of his own place, though, by Lucas boyfriend, gorgeous Nick Marino, who shows up mad because Lucas has gone A.W.O.L. the night before. Lucas pays for his transgressions by getting face-fucked by Nick, followed by an ass play sequence in which Nick rips a hole in the seat of Lucas skintight jeans and exposes his highly fuckable ass (and something tells me that Lucas wont be throwing the jeans in the rag bag just yet -- in fact he might even wear them more often with the rip). Nick then pulls out a hand-held powertool that looks like something Martha Stewart might use to efficiently extract every drop of juice from a lemon -- it seems to work just as effectively on Lucas asshole (and maybe you clever types will find even more uses for the toy), if his disbelieving-but-joyous expressions are any clue. Eventually, Nick uses his thick dick on Lucas, and the sight of it punching deep into his tight pucker is scalding hot. The scene ends with Nick creaming Lucas asscheek, and Lucas stroking one out while Nick urges him on, purring, Come on, baby. Looks like theyve made up. Parker, meanwhile, has met Danny on the street and taken him back to his place, since the shoe shine chair is otherwise occupied. Parkers character has so many pairs of black leather boots in his apartment that he could give that other Parker (Sarah Jessica) and her marabou-trimmed Manolo Blahniks a run for their money (And how, one wonders, can he afford to pay rent? The bootery charges alone must be astronomical -- on the other hand, it explains why hes looking for a bargain shoe-shiner). As Danny gets down to business with Parkers Imelda-immense collection of footwear, Trey Casteel shows up looking for dick. This provides the perfect bait Parker needs to make Danny more interested in his meat than his leather. Faster than you can say Jimmy Choo, the hot fuck buddy duo becomes a three-way orgy that drives it all to a fantastic finish. Parker goes down on Trey, and then Trey returns the favor, while Danny spies on them. Dannys performance in this scene is just as wonderful as in the rest of the production, moving from bottoming for Parker to topping Trey with great ease, and his co-stars are no less watchable. Parker eats Dannys ass like hes starving for it, and later, Treys muscle-butt takes on both Parker and Dannys cocks in a beautiful tag-team fuck sequence. The thriller three-way ends with a trio of earth-shattering cum-shots; Trey loses it while Danny is fucking him from behind, and then Danny and Parker both cum with so much it makes each of them tremble with . Its so good, in fact, that Danny gets an invitation to crash at Parkers place for as long as he wants.
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