Border Patrol by High Octane

Tube Video cover: Border Patrol Ahhhh. Eastern Europe. Where the delicious buff boys grow on trees, and where theyre all hung like trunks. In the splashy fuck-fest Border Patrol, fifteen scrumptious Euro muscle hunks play river cops who cant seem to take their dicks out of each other long enough to be a viable deterrent to river menace. To protect and to serve all right! On the back of a docked patrol boat, Atilla B. and Miklos O. turn their deck-swabbing chores into some spit swapping and cock grinding. And sucking. And rimming. And fingering. Even double fingering, as a prelude to ass fucking. All this in broad daylight, right out in the open on the river bank, while the wistful new age music drowns out the radio chatter and the boys muffled gibberish. Next we get creamy dreamy cover boys Akos G. and Atilla K. fondling each other while scanning for sinister aquatic activities. Disregarding their policing duties, they instead regard each others pulsating cocks orally. Akos puts Atilla over some fuel barrels and pounds his muscled ass while passengers of a passing boat catch a protracted eyeful. Next we get a scene in a hangar involving one hungry bottom (Lajos D.) and two hung tops (Zsolt K. and Zoltan S.) who do it right in front of all the aircraft. Some sloppy editing and shaky camerawork is evident in this scene, especially the moment when the photographer bumps the camera into a boys shoe. From this moment on I noticed all the zooms and pans as the cameramen tried to obscure the obtrusive foot wear each boy is wearing. On the other hand, this scene is ripe with what I like to call mutant shots - extreme close ups of engorged body parts sliding into each other that can often, with the proper disorienting camera angles, look like moist furry veiny wrinkled humanoids. By the way, this scene is punctuated by the same feathery music as before playing in an endless loop, but it doesnt quite drown out the incessant squawking of a chorus of birds up in the rafters. Back at the riverbank, we see a patrol boat approaching shore. (By now, Im wishing the studio had commissioned a second piece of new age music because Im getting delirious listening to this same g over and over. The helmsman mustve been distracted, too, because he runs the boat aground. But no matter, because this patrol boat is staffed with five horny hotties who get out to assist.) While the first two (Laszlo V. and Elemer) inspect the hull, theyre oblivious to the three-way commencing behind them. Atilla F. is tag-teamed by Peter and Istvan, who take turns boring into his cute bubble butt. Meanwhile, Laszlo and Elemer initiate their own sucking session while still standing in the shallows, and eventually they fuck while propped against a beached tree trunk. For the finale, were next to a patrol plane parked in the middle of a grassy field. Zoltan C. uses Karolys tight ass as a cock clench, all while propped up against the fuselage and, at one point, on top of the wing. Meanwhile, a stray masturbater (Ferenc) straddles up to the plane and whacks off while watching them go.
Studio: High Octane

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