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Tube Video cover: Bulldog Studio - Pumped With the smell of muscled young men in the air, the nylon shorts and vests are soon to be peeled back, as the bulges that are impossible to hide get noticed, and the testosterone is pumped higher and harder than Kayden Gray on a tight ass, the fun is just about to begin! The real work-outs may only have just started and the cardio is about to get that much more breathless. With hairy hunks teaming up with nervous young twinks, hung fuckers like Kayden Gray and Charley Cole unleashing their tools on tight butts, the sweat is soon pouring from their gorgeous bodies and as the butts are used and loosened, the cum is the final pumping action and that is spurting on legs, backs and chests, covering and mixing with sweat and spit, leaving everyone exhausted, loose and covered in the result of a very good session.
Release: 2017

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