Catalina Video – Daddy's Reform School Playmate (2004)

Tube Video cover: Catalina Video – Daddy's Reform School Playmate (2004) Daddy's back with something brand new from The Generation Gap Series from Catalina Video. These boys have been bad, really bad. But maybe a little rehabilitation is what they need to become Daddy's Reform School Playmate. Daddies & Boys: Damien, Adriano, Robert Black, Brent Michaels, Jacob Scott, Jonathan Gabriel, Brunno Storni, Ryan Stevens, and Chase McKenzie. Jacob Scott is one hot tattooed Daddy. And Jonathan Gabriel is as cute as a smooth fresh-faced boy can get. Together there's dynamic sexual energy that explodes on screen. Jonathan does a great job at sucking Daddy's cock so Jacob swallows the boy whole before filling his hole with his fat cock. And in an unanticipated turn, a flip flop fuck with Jonathan on top ensues and ends this cum drenched scene. Ryan's getting all cleaned up in the shower before Daddy Brunno takes him back to school. Brunno gets a little charge in his rocket as he gazes at Ryan washing himself. Watching young Ryan's smooth face while he trys to swallow Brunno's enormous piece will make your eyes water. Conniving little troublemaker Brent Michaels is in for it good when his daddy, Robert Black finds out he's been bad. Daddy Robert teaches Brent a lesson he's not soon to forget. He fucks him silly with his hard, fat cock before he splashes a wet load all over his face. Daddy's little cum pig gets the ass-whipping and ass-licking he deserves. Chase McKenzie is the cutest red-head boy we've ever seen. You know that something that cute has got to have the devil in him. He's been so bad he has to stay in his room at school. No trips, no daddy visit. But that doesn't stop Chase from working up his own little action with a dirty magazine and his own right hand. Hairy and mean Daddy Damien doesn't stand for any shenanigans from his boys. That's why when he catches Adriano sniffing his underwear, he takes his belt off. But only so he can get closer to that hung uncut cock dangling between his legs. Daddy sucks and makes Adriano do the same. It's when Daddy gets fucked that you know that the only lesson being leaned here is Pleasure. It's always nice to have a playmate, whether you 18 or 45.
Release: 2004

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