Caught In The Crossfire Vol. 2 by Active Duty

Tube Video cover: Caught In The Crossfire Vol. 2 All of you know how crazy I am about Elijah. Theres just something about him that oozes pure sexuality. I mean hes hot, horny and always ready and thats my kind of guy. Elijah is one of those guys you cant put a label on. Hes as masculine as all get out, but hes not shy about sucking a cock or taking one deep up his beautiful ass. Elijah is also a good talker and he loves to try pulling things out of new guys so I leave him alone with DJ to see where things go. Elijah never lets us down. The two of them shoot the shit about the military and martial arts and the different styles and just get to know a little about each other. You can tell Elijah is flirting with DJ as he tells him how he looks so big and musclar. Elijah is such a scamp and hes working DJ just like he wants to. Watching these two work into things is so fascinating and so fucking hot. DJ says to Elijah, What you working with over there and Elijah just smiles. The two of them move in closer to each other and start rubbing each other all over. As they are talking, Elijah moves right in and locks lips with DJ and they kiss long and deep for what seems like a long time. The Ice Is Broken And Its On ... After the long kiss, Elijah moves down DJs body, kissing and licking his nipples. They kiss more and Elijah finds DJs long, hard cock in his shorts and says oh yeah and from there you know these two are really gonna get into things. Before you can say suck his dick thats exactly what Elijah is doing. Hes hungry and this nice long and fat cock is exactly what he needs. Elijah seems hornier than ever and DJ is right in there with him. Elijah takes DJs cock deep down his throat several times, trying to go deeper with each try. He deep throats the big cock like a champ and his own cock is hard as hell inside his boxers and sticking straight out. DJ reaches under and plays with Elis cock as Eli worships his. DJ goes down and swallows Elis cock all the way to the balls and Eli just moans with pleasure. Elijahs body is looking so fucking hot these days and that ass is as round and delicious as ever. He reaches down and strokes DJs cock while DJ sucks his. Its Sixty-Nine Time ... Elijah decides itll be more fun for everyone if they sixty-nine so he crawls on top of DJ and grabs onto his cock and sucks it hard and deep. DJ eats and fingers Elijahs ass while Elijah deep throats his dick. Like always, Elijah is loving his hole being licked and fingered and he starts squirming around like a snake in heat. Hes horny as hell and DJ must be too since his dick is so hard that everytime Eli lets go of it, it slaps back onto his stomach making a loud noise. DJ starts sucking Elis cock and the two of them go at it like pooches in heat. Its clear these two are way into each other. They go back and forth giving each other deep head and worshipping each others hot cocks. It wont be long before someone has one of those cocks buried deep in their ass. Elijah is all over DJs cock like white on rice and hes really into sucking and slurping on it. They embrace again for another long, wet kiss before Elijah stands up and straddles DJs face and feeds him his cock deep down his throat. Elijah turns around and squats down to feed DJ his hot hole as he strokes DJs hard cock. He tells DJ to put a finger in his hot ass as he strokes DJ harder and faster. He yells out to DJ, Oh I want you to fuck me in my ass And with that, he turns around and sits down on DJs long, hard cock. Hes ready to ride. Elijah Rides DJs Hard cock And Takes It in A Few Positions ... Elijah is hotter than a firecracker and he cant contain himself. If hes trying to keep up a straight image, the only thing hes pulling off is the masculine part. But hes clearly in heat for a good fucking and DJ is is gonna give him what he wants. Elijah sits all the way down on DJs cock and buries it deep inside his hot hole. DJ starts thrusting hard and fast and hes tearing Elis ass up good. Elijah seems like hes been needing a good deep fucking and hes getting exactly what the doctor ordered. DJ is deep inside him pounding away deeper and deeper until all you can see is DJs balls up against Elijahs ass. Get out those fans again, troops. Swooning is what youll be doing. Elijah tells DJ he wants him to bend him over and fuck him harder and DJ follows his lead. Elijah bends over the bed and DJ gets behind him and picks up right where he left off. Elijah throws one leg up on the bed and we get to see DJs huge cock going in and out of Elijahs tight hole. Deeper as he long strokes it, coming in and out and in and out. Elijah has got to be one of the best bottoms Ive ever seen as he takes the mansize meat hard and fast. Elijah is yelling and screaming telling DJ to fuck him harder and DJ is obeying the commands. Elijah starts asking DJ if he can take a dick like that and DJ tells him yes. Elijah says let me give it to you and things take a turn. Elijah Fucks DJ As Deep And Hard As DJ Fucked Him ... Elijah gets in his favorite position and stands over DJ while DJ assumes the position. Elijah is slamming down deep into DJs ass while Eli stands flat on his feet. Elijah doesnt last long before he says hes about to come, but DJ aint gonna let him get away that fast. DJ flips over on his back and tells Elijah to come on and put that cock in him as he strokes his hard cock. Elijah thrusts his hard cock back inside DJs hungry hole and bangs him harder and fast again. Elijah doesnt last long in this position either and before long, hes blowing his hot, juicy load all over DJs cock and stomach. DJ keeps stroking himself as he watches Elijahs load land all over him. Elijah Tells DJ To Cum In His Mouth ... DJ is stroking his cock and Elijah says I want you to cum in my mouth, DJ looks up and says he wants Elijah to eat his fucking load. Eli goes down on DJ and DJ blows a huge load in Elijahs hot mouth and the sweet juice just runs all out of Elijahs mouth as Elijah sucks it out. They embrace in one last, long kiss and its a wrap! Scene 2: DJ, Kaden Thomas A Note From Dink ... In this brand new release we are introducing all you non-members to a very special new recruit, D.J. This hot, blonde Marine is sporting one of the prettiest set of green eyes I have seen in quite awhile. Hes also sporting a nice, thick nine inch cock that Elijah seems to love playing with. And that nice, tight bubble butt that Kaden and Thomas have a lot of fun fucking. DJ just got out of the Marine Corp and hell be with us for awhile here at Active Duty. DJ recently admitted to himself that he prefers guys and hes having a blast exploring here at Active Duty with all the other hot guys. Join us as we introduce you to this sexy devil pooch as he gets himself more than he bargained for in the two scenes of this DVD. Kaden, DJ and Thomas Get Right Down To Business ... The boys are already naked and hard when the camera comes on because we were shooting pictures before we started filming the video. This tends to loosen the guys up a little and get them hot and horny before the actual shoot. Ive found it works nice lately. So, the cocks are hard and were bantering back and forth a little as the boys eye each others cocks. Im certain that leaving these guys alone for a few will produce some nice results and I was right. Not thirty seconds after I leave the room and DJ is going down on Thomas hard, fat cock while Kaden rubs his thighs. It looks like theyre gonna worship the nag cock for a bit and they do. Kaden jerks his cock as he watches DJ suck Thomas and the two of them share the huge cock back and forth as they jerk themselves. After a little sharing, Kaden decides to give Thomas something to suck on and moves up on his knees to feed Thomas his cock. Meanwhile DJ mans the post on the huge tool between Thomas legs. If there is one thing a man with a big cock loves, its having it worshipped and Thomas loves to have his cock worshipped. I think he likes to see the reaction. All this is going on while Im out of the room. DJ Makes His Rounds ... Thomas wants to make sure that DJ gets his fill of good cock and suggest he get some of Kadens. DJ doesnt hesitate and moves his attention to Kadens hard cock and worships it. Kaden strokes Thomas and then DJ repositions himself so Kaden can suck him and Kaden moves over to suck on DJ while Thomas reaches under and jerks Kaden. Thomas then gets on his knees to feed DJ more of his cock while Kaden worships DJs cock. Nobody is missing out on any of this fun as the three of them make sure each other gets plenty of attention. Thomas is doing his usual dirty talk to the boys and everyone is having a good time. Kadens hard cock swings in the breeze as he licks and sucks DJs cock. Again, Thomas reaches under and grabs Kadens cock and jerks it hard. Thomas starts pushing Kadens head down on DJs cock and its so hot to watch as Kaden shows off his cocksucking skills. Kaden licks DJs thigh front knee to cock and what a hot site to see. My, my, my. That alone will just about make you blow. Thomas moves in to take Kadens place and Kaden moves up to give DJ his cock. Like I said, no one is missing out in this free-for-all. Its cocksucking heaven. Kadens cock is harder than his nice, tight and chisled body as DJ shows him how an expert sucks cock. The Boys Do Double-Time On Each Other ... Thomas finds himself in a unique position and is stroking both DJ and Kadens hard cocks, trying to figure out which one to suck first. Kadens gets the first attention, then while Thomas is sucking DJ, DJ strokes Kaden. The boys go back and forth and back and forth. DJ Eats Kadens Ass ... DJ gets down behind Kaden and starts licking and sucking on his nice pink fuck hole. Kadens hard cock is bouncing around as he grabs onto Thomass fat cock and strokes and sucks it. DJs face is buried deep between Kadens rock hard cheeks and hes eating that sweet ass like its dessert. DJ starts fingering Kadens hole while he strokes Kadens hard cock and Kaden goes to town on Thomas cock. Thomas smacks Kadens ass a few times and gets a rise out of Kaden. Thomas moves down and starts worshipping Kadens cock while Kaden sucks on DJ some more. Kadens rock hard and hes horny as all hell. Thomas strokes, sucks and works that hot cock like its his own. Kaden Eats DJs Ass ... After getting his eaten and his cock worshipped good, Kaden decides its time for him to eat some ass. He tells DJ to suck Thomas cock while he eats DJs ass and DJ doesnt complain. Would you? Kaden slaps his hard cock on DJs ass before he eats it. Kaden is slapping DJs ass and spreading out his ass cheeks before plunging his tongue deep in DJs hole. He does it over and over and what a hot mess to watch. Get out your fans, these boys are on fire. Keep those fans out because youre gonna need them many times. Kaden is eating DJs ass and really getting into it as he takes his cock and slaps it on DJs hot ass every so often. Its clear that Kaden is hornier than he normally is and hes wanting some of that hot ass in front of him. Meanwhile Thomas is keeping DJs mouth nice and full with his fat cock and DJ is having a blast. Kaden Fucks DJ First ... I knew it wouldnt be long before Kaden was fucking DJ as you watched his cock bounce up and down hard as a brick while he was eating DJs ass. Kaden saddles up and makes the plunge deep into DJs ass. It isnt long before Kaden is balls deep in DJs ass and hes banging it harder, harder and faster with each thrust. DJ is sucking on Thomas cock as he takes the fucking of his life. Thomas keeps the dirty talk going and DJ is clearly having himself a ball. Thomas says Get that tight asshole warmed up for this big cock. and Kaden does as hes told. Hes fucking the hell out of DJ. Im not sure Ive ever seen Kaden fuck anyone this hard and agressive before. Its Thomas Turn To Fuck DJs Ass ... Kaden turns the reigns over to Thomas and DJ gets on his back with his legs in the air and offers his freshly fucked and loose ass up to Thomas to devour with his huge meat. Thomas steps in and drives it home as Kaden gives DJ something to keep his mouth busy. DJ strokes his own cock as Kaden rubs his nipples and Thomas plows his ass hard and deep. Kaden slides his hard cock down DJs throat and the camera nearly melts. Thomas strokes DJs cock while he pounds his ass hard and fast. Kaden smacks his hard cock on DJs chest and watches the huge cock go in and out of DJs ass deep. They turn DJ over and Thomas goes in from behind as DJ sucks and licks on Kadens hot cock. Theyre working DJ over Active Duty style and hes getting what he came for. Kaden Blows His Load On DJs Face While Thomas Covers His Back ... After DJ gives Kaden one hell of a hot blowjob, Kaden strokes out a nice load all over DJs face and almost instantly, Thomas is blowing his hot, huge wad all over DJs back and I mean he shoots what seems like a gallon all over DJs back and ass. I didnt think Thomas was going to stop cumming. We do a little chit-chatting after the shoot and DJ says hes proud of himself for taking Thomas huge cock and Kaden agrees that DJ has star potential. Thomas and I had a $50 bet going that he couldnt shoot his load over DJs head and we go back and forth saying we owe each other money. Its a wrap.
Studio: Active Duty

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