Colt Studio – Manly Heat Quenched (2006)

Tube Video cover: Colt Studio – Manly Heat Quenched (2006) All the hot, dry desert scenes of "Scorched" have their antidote with the first scene of "Quenched," which shows an expanse of beautiful blue water upon which a big pleasure craft is happily chugging along. If the men in "Scorched" seemed to be working to bring life to their desert milieu, the men of "Quenched" are reveling in it -- well, in life and in each other. In terms of life symbolism, you could hardly do better than Brad Patton's cock which, real though it is, is exaggeratedly large enough to serve as a fertility symbol. Brad's super schlong gets a hot oral tribute from muscle stud Joey Jordan, the beginning of an adept performance by the stud. For once, Brad has met someone who is more than up to the challenge (and potential pleasure) posed by his massive cock. Joey and Brad frolic in a hot tub on the pleasure craft, to add decadence to the decadence, and when Joey bottoms for Brad he's so good that it's a bit startling. As for Brad, he's just as good on water as on ice (look it up), and as usual his cock just never goes down, even when he's prepping Joey for a long fuck with his mouth and fingers. Brad gives Joey a compliment about his tight ass (c'mon, Brad, really, for you aren't they all?) when his dick first goes in, and throughout the fuck, Joey is truly into it, loving every inch of Brad's meat. Joey's cock unleashed a load while Brad is still inside him, and then Brad pulls out and jerks his cock until cum streams from it, a big, juicy, creamy load that covers his fist and dick after he shoots. Dreamboat Brian Hansen and hunky Matt Cole make for a very good follow-up to that opening act, and a majority of their heated scene takes place right in the water, on a very handy rock that just barely rises above the surface of the lake. The two studs are stunning even when they're not sucking and fucking, so of course when they are, it's even better. A round of reciprocal cocksucking takes place without them ever completely losing their bathing suits. Matt peels off Brian's briefs, and the water laps around the two as Matt laps at Brian's ass with a pointy tongue. Then Matt stands and slowly slides his cock into Brian's hole, building momentum with each forward thrust until he's pounding it in earnest. There are many eye-popping views here, but none of them are better than the close-up shot of Matt's big dick slamming into Brian's tight hole as Brian is on his back. It is just a thrilling, unforgettable moment. Brian's cries of "Fuck me!" just before he cums help bring the scene to a peak, and Matt's shattering orgasm just after it, with his muscles flexing as he shoots, is worth more than one repeat viewing. Matt is also featured in the next sequence, in an outdoor shower. The sight of Matt soaping up his half-hard cock to full erection draws the attention of young stud Jherrad Lopez. Jherrad and Matt stand under the water while they feel each other up, and soon Jherrad's cock peeks over the waistband of his briefs. The action is all oral in the scene, and the water continues to flow over the couple as they trade blowjobs (and Jherrad's long eyelashes look even better with droplets of water on them), ending the scene with a side-by-side stroke-off. Jherrad follows up that act with a hot suck-and-fuck inside the cabin of the boat with Corbin Michaels. As Jherrad and Corbin sex it up, the captain of the boat sits only a few feet away, and later we see that it's not just any captain, it's Colby Taylor at the helm. Colby never joins in, he's content to watch and stroke his long, beautiful dick while Corbin and Jherrad get busy (hey, isn't his boat moving?). Corbin takes Jherrad's curvy ass from behind, and later Corbin sits on Jherrad's cock until he creams. After Jherrad does the same, spraying Corbin's tight ass with streams of jism, the two studs disappear, Colby drops the wheel and delivers a big wad, too. The final scene is the most impressive of all, putting Brian on the receiving end of Brad's piece. Joey did an awesome job in the opener, but Brian is even more amazing if only because he is remarkably smaller than Brad physically. Slow, intense oral action has Brian on his knees in front of Brad immediately, and he's so good at it that it's almost as inspiring as when Brad somehow manages to stuff his erection back into his Speedo so that the two can change locations. On a different, smaller boat, the stakes get higher when Brian sits on Brad's pole like it's not even a challenge, as his own erection reaches for the skies. Later in the scene, the tiny golden blond hairs on Brian's toothsome backside glint in the sun as he repeats the same feat while facing the other way. Then it's Brad's moment in the spotlight, standing over Brian and driving into him missionary style, grinding his hips as he does so, making his ass muscles look so good it's almost unbelievable. It's a jaw-dropping fuck, with Brad pulling no punches as he slams into Brian -- if anything, he gets encouragement for more. Until the moment he cums, Brian is wide open for Brad, and the sequence offers blistering hot views of it all. Brad's final cum-shot, just before the fade-out anoints Brian's taut pecs with globs of cream.
Release: 2006

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