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Tube Video cover: Couples III Talk about your mixed bag, "Couples III" includes material that was first produced decades ago, along with a couple of scenes of circa 2008 COLT men. Obviously, deep in the COLT vault, there are many long-forgotten treasures, which were never released. One of these is the first scene here, and it stars two ultra-hot men, Burt Miers and Cliff Turner. Burt lounges around bed in a jockstrap, so what is Cliff to do but take full advantage of the openings that slight garment offers? Kissing, nipple pinching, and a hot 69 later, the heat has gone up tremendously in the couple's bedroom. Burt's ass is prime eating, and Cliff makes a meal of it just before he pounds Burt , then missionary. While Cliff is thrusting hard into his ass, Burt's cock spews a load that lands in his very furry chest hair. Cliff follows with a huge cum-shot, most of which finds its way into Burt's open mouth. Tight-bodied Darin Hawk arrives for a massage and is pleased to discover his masseur is hairy hunk Adam Champ (I want the number of that spa, pronto). Adam is just as appreciative of his client, pulling down his towel and checking out his furry ass cleft immediately. Focusing his hands on that area, Adam also leans in so he can get a good look at what he's working on. Even though Adam's healing hands seem to be doing their job, one very obvious part of Darin's physique is getting tenser by the minute. Adam makes things even more electric by raising his shirt and showing off his hairy, hot torso. Adam and Darin never kiss in the scene, which makes the touching they do all the more erotic. When Darin's cockhead starts to leak pre-cum, Adam takes a finger and stretches a strand of it a long way, feeding it to Darin. This is one of those full-service massage joints, obviously. Later, Adam's clothese all the way off, exposing his uncut cock, which soon rises to the occasion. The pre-cum play continues, as Adam turns out to be a big producer of the stuff, too. Adam positions himself at the head of the table and leans over, putting his perky nipple in prime sucking range for Darin's mouth while he continues to jerk Darin's dick. Not long after, Darin's goes for it, jerking out a big load that coats his lower belly. Adam answers with another hot shot of cream, delivered while he sits on the side of the massage table. It's another golden oldie next, featuring big-dicked blond surfer dude Lance with dark-haired stud Tom Littlewolf. The dudes meet in the dunes, but there's a lot more action when they go back to Lance's apartment. Since the two are wearing little more than those tiny little gym shorts from the 80s, it takes no time before Lance's immense dick is out and so is Tom's. A mutual suck session ensues, and then Lance creams Tom's face with a big wet blast of cum. Tom gobbles it up hungrily. With part one of their session over, the dudes waste no time moving on to part two, which has Lance plowing Tom's cute little ass, and Tom loving every second of it. Yet again, Lance blows a major load, all over Tom's back, and even the cameraman seems to be enjoying it, because the frame shakes like there's an earthquake going on. Hey, maybe there was, who knows? The final scene here is one that is worth the price of admission alone, a jaw-dropping flip-flop fuck with two of the best-endowed men in gay porn, Tom Chase and Brad Patton. If these two are partners, that is one house that has more than its share of cock in it. Tom is sitting reading a book, his flaccid pole lolling easily against his leg, when Brad enters, drops his towel, and dives on his hairy partner. Brad sucks down Tom's dick greedily, and then when it's Tom's turn to reciprocate, it almost looks likes he's by Brad's big piece. The awestruck mood passes, for a moment, while Tom kisses Brad and then eats out his hole, but then it's Brad's turn to be impressed, when Tom slowly buries his pole in Brad's ass. It almost seems like Brad isn't going to be able to take it for a second, but Tom is not taking no for an answer, and soon he's easily sliding in and out of Brad's taut pucker. The more Tom fucks, the sweatier he gets, and by the time he's pulling out and launching a big load on Brad's backside, he's dripping wet. So when Brad bends Tom over to eat out his ass, Tom's ass fur is damp. Brad does a very hot rimjob, but there's nothing that can prepare an ass for his double-wide dick, and when the timees that he moves in position behind Tom, it's a hold-your-breath moment. Tom takes Brad's cock like a trouper, but it isn't easy. Still Brad is just as insistent as Tom and when he's all the way inside Tom's ass, he starts to fuck hard. Tom moans loudly, about the time the camera goes in for a tight shot of the peration, and you can easily see where his moans areing from. At the end, after Tom has practically jumped off Brad's cock Brad unloads on Tom's furry chest, and the two end the act with a kiss. And presumably, some kind of soothing after-sex ointment.
Studio: Colt Studios

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