Cowboy Country by Buckshot Productions, Colt Studio

Tube Video cover: Cowboy Country If chaps, spurs and ten-gallon hats are your things, this collection of seven short "dude" films ought to have you yelping "Yee-Ha!" till the cowboys cume home. Unless you're not into (mostly) solo porn. First up is the silent short "The Bonus," shot on film during the pre-condom era and featuring three hunky ranchers bulging in their Wranglers (Mike Davis, Lil 'Shadow and Gunther Keller) who go at it in the nearby stable. The highlight is a 69 in the hayloft but, while there's some tantalizing cock-to-ass-cheeks grinding and sliding, this session is strictly oral. Darnit. Foreskin alert: the flannelled lurker who watches the 69 before joining in has a lovely uncut piece.
Studio: Buckshot Productions, Colt Studio

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