Cre8tive Juices – Hole RoBBers (2011)

Tube Video cover: Cre8tive Juices – Hole RoBBers (2011) "Bad boys take center stage in Hole RoBBers, the Cre8tive Juices movie that pits eight sexy, horned-up guys in four totally-bareback scenes of guys gone wild - caged up, stealing and thieving, and breaking and entering (lots and lots of entering). Hole RoBBers stars mega-hung porn superstar Brock Masters in his very first bareback film. Blonde bubble-butt bottom Micah decides to break into a house and is caught red-handed by the home's owner, muscle stud Brock Masters. Micah is soon stripped bare-assed on his hands and knees, opening his raw puckered hole and taking Brock’s massive cock doggie-style. Grinning from ear to ear, Brock pounds the boy mercilessly before pushing the punk up against the fireplace, where Micah gags and chokes on Brock’s wet, sloppy cock. Micah then squats his boybutt down onto Brock’s big stiffy, grinding up and down on Brock’s rawness. Before long, Brock has Micah down on the floor and is banging the intruder fast and furious before blasting off a huge creamy load deep into Micah’s greedy hole. But that’s not all that Micah has cumming to him. It just so happens that it’s Brock’s boyfriend’s birthday. And with Micah now in his possession, Brock has the perfect birthday gift for the guest of honor - the sharing of Micah’s hole. However, before that happens, we see another Hole RoBBer in action. Sneaking into a garage, masked robber Angel Pierre picks the wrong man to fuck with. Muscle stud Bobby Brock hears what’s going on and nabs the masked thug who’s trying to steal his tools. After tearing off Angel’s clothes and ripping off his mask, Angel is soon greeted with the biggest tool of all: Bobby’s huge, hard, hole-hungry cock. After pushing Angel down onto the dirty floor of the garage, Bobby commands Angel to suck and service his huge pre-cumming boner. But Angel’s mouth isn’t the only hole Bobby wants, and soon bones Angel raw doggie-style on the floor, missionary on the work bench, and then squat-fucking the robber totally bareback on the hood of his car. Bobby then robs Angel’s hole over and over and over again, breeding the boy-punk three times in a row, each one a creamy load that gets thrust and shoved back into the boy’s hot hungry hole. Meanwhile, greeting Brock’s boyfriend, played by the handsome, swimmer’s-built hot rod Caden Anthony, on the kitchen counter top wearing nothing but whipped cream on his bare butt is the just-bred Micah. Caden quickly buries his face between Micah’s cheeks and licks the sweet cream out from between Micah’s sweet cheeks. This gets Caden’s cock rock-hard and before you know it Caden’s raw-fucking the very hole that his boyfriend Brock recently fucked and bred. Caden continues the assault on Micah’s hole and fucks the little thief missionary-style. Next, Caden leans back on top of the table and has Micah squat his boy-butt down on his rock-hard cock. The two twinks then do it doggie-style before both jacking off their cocks and blowing their loads at the same time. Elsewhere, another Hole RoBBer, hot and sleazy mustache-stud Mike Ray, has abducted two sexy boys and is keeping them caged in his dungeon for his own personal pleasure. Both butt-boy Sean Storm and sexy-piece-of-ass Scott Bradley take turns getting their hungry holes fucked long and hard, bareback-style. Donkey-dicked Mike, including his gleaming Prince Albert, plows his daddy meat into Sean’s quivering hole through the bars of a cage, then turns his monstrous cock onto Scott, robbing Bradley’s hole in the sling - completely raw. This intense scene of one man owning two boyholes for his own personal pleasure in Hole RoBBers is not to be missed."
Release: 2011

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