Daddies & Bears volume 1 by Older4Me

Tube Video cover: Daddies & Bears volume 1 It's all about hot daddies & horny bears! 5 horny hot hairy scenes: Bear Rampage, Special Delivery, Wild Wild West, Into Bar Scene and The Mask. The folks at Older for have assembled their favorite scenes that have up until now only been available online. First, massively endowed Coach Nick tops his young charge Puppy with lots of dirty talk thrown in for good measure. After receiving a special package, The General takes Sarge the mailman inside his house to show him his toys. The tables get turned when Sarge tops the General! Next, Tom and Neil Davis discuss how few available guys there are in nag country; Neil suggests they meet up with their neighbor Chris Banks. Chris proves to be very neighborly topping Neil, then its Tom's turn. Michael Burkk waits at the bar for an appointment, which is a no show, Michael gets to top Denny Taylor, the hunky bartender, right on the bar top!
Studio: Older4Me

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