Dark Alley Media - The Show Part 1

Tube Video cover: Dark Alley Media - The Show Part 1 Show I opens with a stellar credit sequence like the opening to "Survivor." Everybody arrives, summoned to the von Fistenberg castle to take part in a sex-based elimination contest, the winner becoming the personal confidant of the billionare von Fistengberg, receiving 10,000 a week allowance, a car, a private jet, and he gets to live in the 50 room gothic mansion, with a full staff... worth playing for? Contestants are greeted by von Fistenberg's butler, played by undergound New York City party promoter Daniel Nardicio, and then taken to the library, where the rules of the game are explained. von Fistenberg arrives, dressed eccentrically, and introudces the two judges for the contest -- superstars Owen Hawk and Tiger Tyson, who wish the boys good luck and then all take leave. Nardicio explains to them their first challenge will be to participate in a fashion show in Rubber -- von Fistenberg's favorite fetish. After reaction interviews from each of the contestants, they are taken to the room where their outfits are picked out for them and they are made ready for the fashion show. Next up is the Show -- erotic, intenese, and hilarious these boys strut their stuff, each a bizzare creation from the mind of von-Fistenberg. But this is just the beginning... Now its time to fuck! After the show, von F explains that the first elimination will involve all of the bottoms -- each of them gets to be fucked by tiger tyson, who will then decide a winner and loser for the contest -- the winner gets to pick anyone he wants to get fucked by, and the loser goes home. Tiger arrives and the boys get down to business. He orders them into a line on the couch to inspect each of their beautiful asses. The delicious bubble butts of Mario Cruz, Gabriel Sincalir, and T Malone dominate his attention. Tiger fucks them each bent over the couch, and the then fucks them each again on their backs, talking dirty and keeping his playful Tiger Tyson style. Some really hot cum shots in this scene from Mario Cruz and Gabriel Sinclair not to be missed. After the contest, Tiger and Von F sit down and rate the contestants, eliminating one and picking one winner... we won't give anything away, but we will tell you the winner picks Owen Hawk for his reward fuck. The scene with Owen starts with a long oral sequence focused on the star's thick uncut cock, curving up to the sky and rock hard 100% of the time. Owen fucks him in three positions with a roaring fire place in the background, then dumps his load on his own stomach and leans back for a well earned bit of R and R. The next elimination is the Best Tops contest, in which von F is going to particpate himself. Owen Hawk is back to join him, this time showcasing his bottoming skills. The two men, dressed in rubber jockstraps and armbands, sit back to back while the 5 tops -- Supreme, Collin o'Neal, Komplex, Camron, and newbie Double R take turns first at the thier mouth, and then at their pretty pink bubble asses. The energy in the gangbang scene is intense and fast paced, the fucking is on stop for close to 20 minutes, and if it was not enough von Fistenberg decides even to fuck Owen Hawk too, leaving Owen begging for the end of the assault on his sore asshole. This is one hell of a great gangbang -- two cute bubble butt bottoms and 5 well hung multi-racial superstars. Already we are two hours into this disk but we are not done. The winner of the best top contest (we would never reveal who) picks cute 19 yo CJ, a fresh face in the porn world for his reward fuck. The very very well hung winner of the contest has trobule stuffing his conster into CJ's fresch young ass, but he manages and gives the boy one hell of a pounding bent over the couch. With 8 contestants left they are assembled into the library, where they are given shcoking news -- the round of eliminations will send home all but 3 of the remaining contestants! Who will stay and who will go? You'll have to wait for The Show, part II!

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