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Tube Video cover: Deep In The Brig The Brig is the military's version of a pri. Unfortunately, itbines the worst of a civilian pri with the worst of a military boot camp. In other words, it's a hell hole! This story opens with Navy Seamen Kevin Kramer and Brian Daniels and Marines Billy Dare (a Centaur exclusive) and Devon Miles having been arrested for fighting. Upon their arrival in the Brig, the foursome is stripped for inspection. Finding himself in charge, MP Private John Ross (another Centaur exclusive) decides Daniels and Miles need a more detailed inspection. Particularly their butts and, once naked, he has them spread-eagled for a body cavity search followed by one of the hottest sex scenes of the video between all three. There isn't a hole among them that is left unplugged. At the same time, we see that Private Dare has begun to clean himself up in the shower while an older prier already in residence, Scott Hardman, eye young, petite Dare when he drops the proverbial soap. Hardman quickly takes charge of Dare and is probing his orifices with Hardman's 10" ass-splitter as he shows his young charge the ways of the Brig. Shortly thereafter, we peek in on one of the cellblocks where four servicemen have bedded down for the night. They include Private Scott Lyons and a prier we soon learn is Marc Hamilton. Hamilton takes an immediate interest in the seemingly inexperienced Lyons. In no time at all, Hamilton has Lyons showing him his 11" boner, which Hamilton quickly gives a close-up, mouth-on inspection. Hamilton and Lyons proceed to quietly such and fuck each other to orgasm. Later, in what is the final and hottest scene of the video, Lieutenant Mark Ma wakes up Seaman Kramer, now in solitary confinement, appearing as a giant vision through his celldoor, telling Kramer that "dy hase to play." He "" a now recalcitrant, naked, demoralized and hungry Kramer to service him with the line, "here's breakfast." This is followed by a finger fucking preparation of Kramer's butt for Ma's 10" tool and one of the hottest ass poundings on video. The video ends as Kramer, his butt still sore from the pounding by Ma, still naked and in solitary, is left to wonder when next carnal passions will run high, this "Deep in the Brig".
Studio: Centaur Films

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