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Tube Video cover: Descent Descent Collector's Edition begins with Hot House superstar Aiden Shaw, roped and tied, being shaved by intensely sexy Zak Anders. Todd??Gibs and Chris Rock are tied to chairs in the background, held hostage and to witness the scene. Anders keeps his crotch firmly in place on Shaw's shoulder and it's having an obvious effect on the super-hung star. The scene builds in sexual tension. . . . it gets so hot that Shaw's monster cock actually drips cum without being touched. Ovee by the sexual energy, all four men indulge themselves in an over-the-top four way that will leave you sweaty, drained, and ready for more! Scene two features our star, Aiden Shaw, with incredibly smooth, sexy Marcus Iron. Iron's crystal blue eyes are legendary for their bedroom,e-hither quality. When SHAW catches that look in Iron's eyes, the fireworks explode. If you think you notice real passion and conviction in the love making in this incredible scene, you're right. Immediately following this shoot, SHAW and IRON became lovers and dated for quite some time. Witness their initial sexual experience on video, right here! Scene three features XXX Superstars Blake Harper and Ja Branch and Ja Branch. These two porn legends are joined by Marcus Iron, creating a three-way of the hottest, sexiest, biggest and best names in the business! Harper's lean, tight body, gorgeous ass and throbbing cock are rea enough to watch and rewind this scene over and over again. But when you add Branch, with his rugged good looks (and Giant cock) and Iron's golden globe ass, you are guaranteed to blow your load! Descent continues the sizzling action of Damian Ford and Clay Powell and then follows with hot duo Mark Ma and Nick Moore. Scene four finally explodes in a huge orgy featuring all four of these Hot House hunks plus the amazing Rick Allen. Sex really is a religious experience for these fuck machines; hard-bodied gods who take it to the extreme! There is more cock-sucking, ass-fucking and cum-flowing than you've ever seen. Adorable Powell ends up the center of attention and receives a cum Bath from the crowd, including one of the largest, longest, biggest cumshots recorded on film! The final scene finds AIDEN SHAW and Marcus Iron reunited. From the beach to the bedroom, these two can't take their eyes off each other (or their hands, their mouths, tongues ...) You'll have to restrain yourself from licking the screen when you see Shaw's giant cock go up Iron's perfect round ass. Iron takes every inch (all eleven of them!) Like a man. And what men they are ... all of the Hot House superstars in this video make it a true classic.
Studio: Hot House Entertainment

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