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Tube Video cover: Drifter Fuckers In Rough Fuck Drifter is a sexually intense journey of longing, loss, and betrayal on the scorching streets of L.A. and in the line-dried sweetness of the sticks. Lovers Ken Browning and Sergio Anthony live the idyllic dream of a comfortable country existence. As towels dry on the line, these two men indulge their mutual desire in a steamy session of sucking and fucking. Making his way through the gridlock of L.A., Ken stumbles upon the steamy scene of Trey Casteel and C.J. Madison as they push their limits and surrender to the heat of their flesh - dedicating themselves to hardcore sucking, rimming and fucking - as Ken watches their play through a window. In his heightened sexual state Ken becomes easy prey for the wanton leather desires of Chad Hunt and Steve Cruz. These hard studs pull Ken in and make him submit to every inch of their lust in a sizzling scene of domination and leather. Chad and Steve work Ken over good before tossing him back onto the boulevard. Back on the homestead, Ken watches as Arpad Miklos and Brett Matthews exploit every inch of Sergio's lovelorn form. The three studs suck rim and fuck with abandon... stretching boundaries and probing every inch of their combined forms. Ken watches and winces at the sordid scene he's molded as a drifter.
Release: 2007

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