Fearless - Disc 1 by Treasure Island Media

Tube Video cover: Fearless - Disc 1 Hairy men, dominant men, submissives bent over and begging for a double-dicking, lean and muscular men awash in sweat and semen, in rage and rut, no-fear no-limits fuck-aholics. My men--the men of Tim--go at sex and life with an attitude summed up in the title of my newest video: Fearless. From total sex-slaves to dominant brutal fuckers, from submissive ex-Marines to testosterone-driven studs with baseball-sized meat swingin' between their legs. These fuckers lay it all on the line to explore the extremes of real man-to-man sex. ..and a horde of sex-ramped wildmen. Fearless fucking man-apes doin' what they were born to do. Here's what happens when you put 'em together and let the testosterone run free.
Studio: Treasure Island Media

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