French Fuckers Like Raw Fuck

Tube Video cover: French Fuckers Like Raw Fuck Josh Elliot und Keanu Faria are so busy blowing off that Josh will get late to work. At the studio Ralph Woods enjoys a good blow job in the meantime with the other lads… it seems that a blow made nothing bad to anyone. Finally is Josh able to take care of the photo shooting and here comes the probe that at the Bel Ami studios there is always something going on. Jason Knightly and Dolph Lambert go wild in the stair case, afterwards we will see the Titans’ encounter: Ralph will ge to know his new colleague Paul Valery… two with hug cocks. Another perspective of chill out evening with a glass wine will be presented! Older Bel Ami start will be present as well, Brandon Manilow and Joey Amis will get at it while Ralph discovers the sweet Todd Rosset.
Release: 2008

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