Hairy Boys Like Rough Fuck

Tube Video cover: Hairy Boys Like Rough Fuck Cover model and star Tag Adams takes center stage for this scene. We find him lurking in the bathroom, squatting in a stall, searching for wandering man meat. This is his job at the bar - to keep the guys cummin back night after night. As he waits we see his beautiful body from all angles. We wait with him, fondling ourselves quietly, waiting to see who will cum in next for a piss. Then, a noise...a step, a grunt - the sounds of a straight man entering the room. It's none other than hot Latin mega hunk Mario Ortiz who arrives at the open trough to let loose a strong stream of steaming piss. Tag, watching from a giant glory hole (big enough to hold a fuckable ass) can't wait to get a taste of Mario's south-of-the-border jizz. Mario takes the hint, although he has some doubts about whether this is the right thing to do...Needless to say, some amazing carnal action ensues. Shane, Victor Rios and Jerek have sex in what appears to be a space-age discotheque. Victor is a muscular Latino with a thick brown cock, and Jerek is a sleek pretty-boy with a long dick. They have a feisty time trading blows and such before Victor fucks Shane standing-, Shane fucks Jerek standing-, and Shane missionary-fucks Jerek. They all pop off nice cum-shots as the scene fades to black.
Release: 2010

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