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Tube Video cover: Hard Sex Part 14 Silvana has found a new big and strong man, and they decide to make her boyfriend into something more useful as a pooch and a maid. Miki will be told to watch as other guy takes his role in the relationship and become the new man of the house. Summer is here and the younger Masters want to have fun, so we have left them a well-tied slave pooch in Attack Club to do with him what they want. Get ready to see these evil fuckers in action. Ruben is cruising in the fields and decides to get cocky to draw the attention of two runners around. They are going to teach him to be more respectful and make him their personal pooch. After losing a soccer game against a team from the UK, two Spanish players sneak in the other team’s locker room to put the captain on all fours. It’s time to show him who’s really the winner.
Studio: Jalif Studio

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