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Tube Video cover: HH - Descent One of the most controversial gay porns, Descent marked the brief return of the devastatingly handsome Aiden Shaw, lured out of retirement for this film. Director Scarborough did the impossible and topped his masterful 1999 epic Skuff: Downright Dirty. The film includes disturbing yet highly erotic images, deep manly kissing, men sweating buckets, the sound of balls slapping against firm ass-cheeks, thick facial cumshots, yells of pain and rapture and beautifully conveyed dream sequences. Amazing looking, and one of the most surreal and perverted porns ever. While not for everyone, it's highly recommended. For its April 2003 DVD re-release, our staff writer took an intense (and lengthy) look at Descent. There's nothing really quite like it, and we feel the film warrants a serious essay. Our all-new review and revisit to Descent begins below...

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