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Tube Video cover: Hot Anal Zone This big-dicked blonde Marine is back in his first video ever here on Active Duty and what a hot one it is. Christian e-mailed me a few weeks before one of my NC trips and being he was so close, I decided to bring him in and team him up with some of the Carolina boys. Christian is a really sweet guy that doesn't talk much, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to tell you exactly what he wants. He told me he wanted to work with Damien so I bring in Damien and let the two of them get acquainted. Damien is hard as soon as the camera comes on as he and Christian lay side-by-side and I leave them alone. Christian's eyes are all over Damien's cock and it isn't long before he's asking Damien to help him with his big cock. Damien is quick to oblige and dives right in, working the monster up as it quickly gets hard in Damien's hot mouth. Christian reaches under and strokes Damien's cock while Damien works his meat in his mouth. Damien's back is arched and ready as he anticipates how this big cock is gonna feel in his hot, hungry hole. Christian And Damien Swap Blowjobs ...
Release: 2008

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