Hot Buddies # 4 - Hard At Work by Dolphin Entertainment, Jet Set Videotape

Tube Video cover: Hot Buddies # 4 - Hard At Work Work is out of the question when it comes to these eight cock-hungry young Russian studs who are in it for the pleasure! Having tended to his club duties, Oleg welcomes blond Sergey to the massage table with a slow and savory body probe. Dicks stiffen and tight guy asses purse as these hot bodies suck and tongue their way to wet pleasures. Over and under, they gorge on hairy hangers and tender heads and, at climax, plaster the massage mat with creamy cum aplenty. Elsewhere at the club, Tomas and Yuriy play in the water, first in the spa pool and then in the shower. Lips and tongues fast-forward in cock exchange and wet bodies press together in carnal collusion. Tomas licks a heavy head to pleasure his partner and Yuriy responds by plugging the sweet pink and squirting a milky load all over Tomas muscled abs. Tender strokes and warm kisses punctuate their shower-time show, but then again, maybe theyre just a warm-up for round two. Beneath, in another shower room, Boris savors Nickis veiny pecker with a gentle mouth massage and then licks ass from the rear while stroking dick in the front. Not to be outdone, Nicki sucks, finger-fucks, and then porks his brunette buddy-- rump-up first, then dick-side later. He cums in creamy globs and fingerpaints his partners pretty bod for good measure.
Studio: Dolphin Entertainment, Jet Set Videotape

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