Indecent Encounters - (2011 Year)

Tube Video cover: Indecent Encounters - (2011 Year) A shirtless Alessio Romero returns a naked and wet Kyle Wood to the cell block. With his hard cock protruding from his pants, Romero his piss and cock down the Pig's throat. Tommy Rawlins watches in pleasure while stroking his cock. Kyle takes the throat fucking like the pig that he is while frantically stroking his own cock. Alessio shows no mercy as he throat fucks Kyle while spitting in his face and slapping him around. Tommy continues to watch and stroke his cock which grows in excitement as the Kyle's treatment becomes more brutal. Romero instructs Woods to piss all over himself then roughly smacks the Pig's wet chest and shoves his piss soaked hand down Woods throat. Alessio unleashes another torrent of piss on the piss covered Kyle, who then continues deep throating Alessio until he's ready to cum. Alessio shoots his load over the Pig's chest then grabs the ginger's Mohawk, pulling it until Wood cums. Alessio locks the Pig back into the hole and exits. Tommy, jerking off in excitement by all this action in the adjacent cell, blows his load and eats every drop of cum.

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