Justice Orgies

Tube Video cover: Justice Orgies Shane plays a young man who is sent to jail for a drug crime he didn’t commit. His cries of innocence fall on deaf ears in court and after he is incarcerated. He is subjected to more interrogation and a body cavity search by guards, Robert Van Damme and Tony Mecelli. Toby’s cock swells big ‘n hard as his tits are roughly pulled and fingers probe his anus, leading to made cocksucking and Toby getting his manpussy eaten out and roughly fucked by both bulls. Locked up in a unit with rough thugs (Jordan Vaughn, Nick Piston and Brad Star), fresh-meat-Toby is attacked and make-fed big cock. Nick, the leader, makes Vaughn orally service Toby and then Piston fucks Conners’ already loose manhole, followed by the other cons. Conners begs his lawyer to get him secluded from the sex-hungry inmates. Attorney Ty Hudson misleadingly promises to pull some strings, if Toby puts out for him. Conners delivers some expert head and then gets his upturned anus hungrily rimmed, emptying his own huge load down his throat.
Release: 2006

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