Knightbreeders – Sperm four Lube Vol.2 (2009)

Tube Video cover: Knightbreeders – Sperm four Lube Vol.2 (2009) The second installment of Sperm4Lube from Knightbreeders provides another wild serving of nasty, interracial, bareback sex as Damien Silver gets fucked by some ginormous black cocks and then take charge of some slutty men who he had picked up on the streets. Although to cover model shot is actually pretty dreamy, don’t be fooled – because this film is definitely hardcore. This is loud, verbal, bossy, and somewhat abusive sex. If that’s your scene, you’re gonna love it. If you’re into vanilla sex, it might freak you out a little, but it will probably give you a hard-on at the same time. As the first scene of Sperm4Lube 2 opens, you’ll be treated to a blindfolded guy sucking off a guy in a leather mask. The top is literally feeding his cock to the bottom, thrusting his hips back and forth. After just a minute, he rolls the cocksucker over and we cut to a close-up penetration scene as he shoves his raw dick into the guy’s ass. The bottom is wearing a jockstrap as he gets fucked, and the top teases him by repeatedly plunging his dick into the bottom’s hole and then quickly pulling it out. The bottom is dying for more, but the top just stands him up again and makes him suck his dick some more. Once the bottom has done a good job of lubing up his dick again, he rolls the good boy over for some more fucking. If this kind of thing is your scene, you’re going to love Sperm 4 Lube 2.
Release: 2009

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