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Tube Video cover: Lucas Kazan Productions - Love And Lust Giorgio Salieri doesn't want to deal with men anymore, so he moves to a small Tuscan village overrun with cock-hungry queens. I guess it's not his fault the Italian men that ooze out of Lucas Kazan's Love and Lust are the perfect example of the male species, with their sun-baked skin, dark curly hair, round, firm buttocks, and, of course, nag-like cocks. Yes, it's another one of Kazan's melodramatic sexcapades, but if you can push aside the film's overt theatrics, you can most certainly enjoy what Kazan's men have to offer each other. Beauty Salieri hasn't even unpacked when he's spotted by love-struck neighbor Roberto Giorgio, and not to mention local man-whore Jean Franko, who does not believe in love but does indulge in the company of lovely men, like Lucas Andrades and Matthias Vannelli. Franko loses sight of Salieri but spots sultry Vannelli and beefcake Andrades showering nude. The three unbelievably good-looking Italian studs have a dick-throbbingly hot threesome with Vannelli getting his shaven hole plugged by both Franko and Andrades' monster meats. The scene (finishing with a literal gusher by Franko) is a real eye-catcher and a great way to open the film. After a shower, in which we get a nice view of his drop-lifeless gorgeous body, Salieri takes a quick walk around the neighborhood while handymen Ricky Martinez and Karel Rok mess around in his apartment. The adorable Rok gets his large hands all over Martinez's compact, muscular rump as the two suck face. Eventually the scene unfolds in more erotic depth as the two cuties fuck each other's mouths and assholes. Meanwhile, come dusk, Franko makes the moves on Hungarian hottie Julian Vincenzo and ends up getting his ass slammed by Vincenzo's hairy tool. This meat market is spied on by elfish blonde Otto Voko who soon joins the two gentlemen for some giant cock throat-gagging. During the action, sleeping Salieri dreams of his dream-boat crush Giorgio, and gets a midnight stiffy when the dream turns sexual. All comes to a happy ending (pun intended) when the smitten Giorgio finally gets his romantic hands on Salieri. He gets a taste of Salieri's curved, mouth-watering boner and tight, smooth balls until Salieri blows a load all over the floor, but not before Salieri fucks the dude senseless, bringing a nice finish to another Kazan treat.

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