Men Of Massive Studio Vol. 9

Tube Video cover: Men Of Massive Studio Vol. 9 Eight scenes featuring the men of Massive Studio who settle down before the camera losing their inhibitions as they shed their clothes. 1. Vince Ferelli is new on the porn scene. Vince is so hot that the week after I shot him for Massive, Hot House signed him as an exclusive. Vince says he's basically straight, but as you watch this scene you will be amazed at how turned on he is by Josh West. Vince loved Josh's huge cock up his muscle ass. This is definitely one of my favorite scenes. 2. Rod Daily and Dak Ramsey are back and this time they are both man enough to take on the Massive fuck machine! They were both a little nervous about being nailed up the ass by a machine. But they took it like true porn stars. After they wore out the machine, Dak turned around and fucked a big load out of Rod's cock. Fucking hot! 3. Bill Madison is a power top that is new on the porn scene. Since Bill likes them a little younger I brought back Dean Tucker for a little kink. We chained up Dean and let Bill have his way with him. I loved the way Bill totally dominated Dean. This is one scene that should not be missed! 4. Two of my favorite guys Johnny Wallace and Shawn Hunter team up to take on the Massive fuck machine! Johnny showed no fear of the machine. Shawn on the other hand was definitely a little intimated. The scene got off to a rockin' star with Johnny just spreading his hungry ass for the mean machine. Shawn sucks on Johnny's juicy meat while the machine rails on his man hole. Johnny loved it. But soon he wanted the real deal...Shawn's big cock up his ass. Johnny jumps off the machine and spreads his ass for Shawn. Shawn plows Johnny like a pooch in heat. Then Johnny flips on Shawn and starts finger fucking Shawn's tight untouched hole. Johnny loosens up Shawn's tight ass with some spit and lube and then begins to fuck him with a big dildo. I have to say it was pretty damn hot. Unfortunately my camera kept jamming so I wasn't able to shoot a lot of photos for you guys. But who needs photos when you have this red hot video to view. 5. I first discovered Chase a few years ago in Atlanta. Chase shot his very first solo for me and Massive Studio. Soon after Randy Blue got his hands on this hot man and signed him to an exclusive contract. I was bummed that I wasn't able to shoot Chase again. But cut to two years later and I'm back in Atlanta. Guess who I run into...Chase. He's out of his contract and looking for some work. The next day I was shooting Chase in Brad Payton's dungeon play room. Chase looks better than he did two years ago. He's bigger and more defined - and totally all man. Did I happen to mention I love his big fat cock? To me, he has the perfect size for a cock. Not too long, but thick and meaty. And Chase's ass is fucking perfection. You can tell I love his ass because I spent so much time shooting it! Of course I never told Chase any of this. I think it would totally embarrass him. Man I would love to see him take another man's dick up his beautiful hole. Maybe someday! 6. Jake Dakota and I took a recent trip to Atlanta to discover some fresh talent for the Massive site. We went to a local strip club and ran into Tommy. I shot Tommy over a year ago when he was hairy. But now his chest is all shaved and smooth. I hate that. But he still looked amazing and Jake told me I was fool if I didn't shoot Tommy again. So sure enough the next day, Tommy is down in my buddy Brad Payton's dungeon playroom jerking off for me and my camera. You can totally tell Tommy loves to show off that huge cock. I decided to only use one source light to shoot Tommy. I was to trying to make the scene a little dark and moody. I think some of the photos of Tommy turned out incredible. When Tommy shows off his big bubble ass his hole actually winked a few times. I have no idea if that was intentional. And to top it all off, Tommy shot a pretty big load for me. 7. Jake Dakota is one of our favorite go-to guys (besides being one of the best buddies anyone could ask for) who's been instrumental in making Massive Studio as popular as it is today. Everybody wants to bump uglies with our hirsute he-man and today's lucky winner is Ricky, making his impressive debut with us. Jake and I met Ricky last night at the bar. There he was with his dark boyish looks and sly grin, looking as easy as sin. We circled him like sharks, made our introductions, and then told him what we were all about. I asked if he'd be interested in checking us out and perhaps a "film career." The twinkle in his eye and impish smile quickly validated my hopes that he was hooked! When he agreed to a shoot, I was already creamin' in my jeans; I couldn't wait to film the action. And good ole' Jake was just chomping at the bit, eager to break Ricky in. So what you see is what happens when immediate mutual attraction is magically realized. These two bona fide horn pooches get it on big time. The sex was spontaneous, intense and real. It just flowed; it was genuine – no role playing, just two hot guys having a good time.

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