Parfums Erotiques by Cadinot

Tube Video cover: Parfums Erotiques Imagine two young tourists freshly arrived on the south Mediterranean coast. They think they know everything but end up getting lost in the middle of the night on a ringroad in the suburbs. Put in the same situation anyone would be happy to meet a policeman to show these two hot guys the right way, even the long way round, so that they end up finding their bearings. Welcome to a new journey to the land of honey and spices - where eroticism rules over every situation. We cruise along the beach to the serenity of massage parlours where nobodys far from a chance encounter on the way home from university lectures. Anythings possible if youre discreet and, once youve had your pleasure, life goes on! This is the fifth stop along the way for Cadinots initial journey in the jasmin-scented gardens of Eden, and the backstreets - flowing with turmeric, cumin, orange flowers and mint tea. Dont hesitate to get stuck in to the taste of seduction and become by the steam from these thousand and one erotic flavours.
Studio: Cadinot

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