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Tube Video cover: Passions Of War - part 4 - Maneuvers Imagine being trapped on a remote island, studded by impenetrable rocky cliffs and inescapable by sea. Imagine being made to run endless maneuvers mid-day while the sun sears your skin. Imagine having to come in contact with the same tired and irritated people, hopelessly trapped just like you, day in, day out. In the real world, such a place might have the inhabitants dying to go A.W.O.L. But once Csaba Borb?ly sets foot on those distant sands with camera in tow, everything suddenly seems like a circuit party with a sweat-tinged military theme. Indeed, the island inhabitants in ?Passions of War: Chapter 4: Maneuvers? aren't flinging themselves from the cliffs in desperation. Instead, they strip off their military-issue tank tops, whip out their pricks and settle in for good times. The crumbling buildings with their abandoned metal and decaying brick make an excellent backdrop for big guys playing war. Military training -- all those push-ups, drills and long-distance runs -- can wear down even the heartiest of soldiers. Two grunts, Andreas Harris and Ken Spencer, trade one workout for another, abandoning their routine exercises to demonstrate ad hoc skills for their commander's, Glen Santoro, benefit. When the camera finds them, we see them in a shady location, mouths stuffed with cock. All three are blessed with exceptionally heavy cocks, and no one seems shy about grabbing whatever's in front of their nose and getting it slick with spit. Even fancier is the fucking, which started up almost too quickly, getting going just when the blowjobs just started getting good. pooch tags swinging, the videographer makes some deliberate pretty pictures of the action. One particularly memorable moment finds one guy jacking off, poised nearly eight feet about the other two. From his facial expression, the bottom is wholly concentrated on relaxing, the whole thing made difficult by his buddy perched on a crumbling ledge a full story above his face. He eventually touches back to Earth, long enough to take a crack at the bottom guy. With the late-afternoon sun electrifying their bronze skin, the camera zooms close for the cum-shots, all three seated side by side by side, abs flexing tremendously, pooch tags wildly jangling, semi-controlled geysers of cum coating their fingers and stomachs.
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